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LEDSIGN11.com is one of the nation’s leading suppliers for LED Lighting products and technologies for commercial buildings and retail stores servicing nationwede. We have all the most popular LED lighting systems in stock and we can create custom LED signs to give you exactly what your business needs.



LED Signs get peoples attention to look at your store or business


LED Exterior Digital Signs for buildings and LED Window Signs.

We sells all types of LED Signs and Lightings .



LED Tube Lights 4 feet : $5.99

LED Tube Lights 8 feet : $15.99

LED Parking Light 50W : $25.00

LED Trans Former 30A  : $17.95

Gas Stations Canopy Lights

Parking Lot Lights

Ceiling Lights

 LED Lighting products 

Revolution of Lighting

Around 13.7 billion years ago, the big bang created the universe with galaxies, stars and planets…and we humans discovered fire around 1 million years ago, yet artificial lights have only been discovered for about 200 years ago when electricity has been discovered along with Edison’s light bulb.

This first light bulb brought the first revolution of lighting, and then back in 1962 Nick Holonyak brought another revolution when he invented the LED (Light Emitting Diode) which granted him the Nobel Prize.

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